She Pours A Cup Of Water On Her Cake — But The Reason Why Is AWESOME!

Okay, I never expected to see a recipe like this — but after you see the finished product, I think you’ll agree, this method of “watering” down a cake actually works!

If you’re going to make something called “hot fudge cake,” you want it to be gooey and fudge-y, right? I just never thought of getting that consistency by pouring water completely over the top of it! The rest of the recipe is pretty simple (flour, sugar, butter, etc.), but the last step really boggled my mind, until I saw what it looked like at the end.

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new things to make that don’t take all day and don’t require a lot of complicated ingredients — this cake definitely fits the bill. It may not look delicate, but if you have any chocolate lovers in your life, I’m pretty sure they’re going to enjoy this a lot!



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