Pro Tip: Use Mason Jar Lids To Cook Your Eggs And Your Eggs Will Look Perfect Every Time!

If you are like me and are obsessed with perfectly shaped eggs like the ones inside a McDonald’s McMuffin, you will appreciate this recipe. Traditionally, eggs can be enjoyed scrambled, hard-boiled, and sunny side up, but now they can be cooked in a mason jar lid to resemble the McDonald’s famous breakfast meal. Breakfast just got a whole lot neater!

Give it a try! You’ll need 2 eggs, cooking spray, 2 mason jar lids, and tongs. Prepare the frying pan by spraying with cooking spray, and place the lids on the frying pan. Crack an egg inside each lid and allow it to cook. Season to taste and watch as they swell to the size of the lid.

Flip the lids to ensure the eggs are cooked on both sides. When it is finished, remove from the pan and onto a plate. Remove the eggs from the lid and onto toast, english muffins or simply your plate!



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