Looks Like A Normal Home…But When He Touched The Walls, My Jaw Dropped

People are truly fascinated with the Tiny House Movement these days. I myself have even pondered the possibilities of living in one of these amazing yet miniscule spaces. But no tiny home has impressed me as much as the one you’re about to see.

Christian Schallert is a young man who lives in Barcelona, in his “lego style” apartment. His place is a mere 258-square-foot-room that, upon entering, looks totally empty. But when he hits the square boxes that line the walls, that’s when the magic happens. Cabinets galore pop out with his touch, and Christian then reveals a bed under the balcony, a dining table inside the wall and a spring-loaded kitchen behind the cabinets. Also included: a toilet, two sinks, dishwasher and shower. Wow! Hideaway elements are very common in tiny homes, because they optimize the space while avoiding feeling too crowded or visual clutter; you only reveal certain elements when you need them.

Christian also says at one point he had 40 friends in his apartment. I don’t know how, but I think it’s wonderful he can accommodate so many people.

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