Looks Like A Normal Home—But Everyone Is Shocked By What He Did Inside

Combine a love of animals and an extreme level of creativity, and the possibilities are endless — especially if you’re Peter Cohen, professional designer and home builder based in California.

Welcome to “Nekko,” Peter’s incredible home and the word for cat in Japanese. This place is every feline’s dream come true, and when you’ll see it you’ll totally understand.

Beginning in 1995, Peter began remodeling his 4-bedroom home in Goleta, California as a tribute to his 18 happy cats in a way that allows both humans and cats to share the space comfortably, stylishly and effectively. The end result? A bonifide Cat Playhouse that’s been dazzling folks around the world ever since Peter opened up his home to the media. “The cats make the house feel alive,” he says.

Nekko features fully ventilated and connected rooms, elaborate catwalks, arch bridges tunnels, platforms, perches and a Koi pond throughout. Somehow Peter has managed to keep the home vibrant, joyful, playful and harmonious between friends both two-legged and four.

Photo: Santa Barbara Home Builders Trillium Enterprises, INC.



  1. Jackie says:

    I want a small cat like that he is adorable

  2. Anonymous says:

    They show everything except the loft upstairs? How come?

  3. Barbarabog says:

    Девочки добра вам!

    Посоветуйте, какой вы профессиональной косметикой или кремами пользуетесь?

    Я для себя сделала вывод, что эффективнее всего действует омолаживающая косметика и крема из Китая, Кореи, Таиланда.
    Очень заметно действует коллагеновая маска Золотой кристал и другие.

    Тип кожи у всех разный, надо подбирать косметику под себя, но вот например универсальные варианты косметика для волос

    Буду рада вашим советам!