He Pours Coke Into A Bowl And Adds Steak. The Result? MOUTH WATERING!

Coca-Cola is pretty amazing stuff.

Beg to differ? Here are a few fun Coke facts: It was the first soda to be launched into space. It can effectively clean a car engine. If you pour milk into Coke, it will turn clear. And “Coca-Cola” is the second most widely understood term in the world, after “OK.”

Crazy, right?

Here is one more bizarre coke fact to add to its laundry list of whoa!-ness — the fizzy elixir can also be used as a really great marinade.

Yes, you read that right. Coke marinade. Just think about it logically — acids in the Coke tenderize the meat while the sugar adds a whole new element of flavor.

Now throw coffee and hot sauce into the scenario and the end result, shown in the video below, looks good enough to convert a vegetarian into an insatiable T-Rex of a meat-eater. I swear! As I write this it’s only 10 a.m., and I’m officially ready for a steak and potato dinner ASAP!

Watch the video below, I’m sure you’ll get a case of the hungries about a minute in! I know I did!