Dead Mermaid Found In River Vladam, Bulgaria

Photos that appeared on the web show the remains of a supposed mermaid would have been found on a beach in Sergipe. Is that true or fake?
The images spread by social networks in the first week of August 2014 and in them we see what appears to be the body of a being with a human face, long hair and a huge fish tail. According to the text accompanying the photographs, the creature would have been found on the beach known as the Coconut Bar, in the state of Sergipe!
Everything indicates that the animal should be out of water for some reason and has not gotten back to the sea.
Is that true or false?
True or false?
The pictures are real, but the story is false!
The fake mermaids are known here in E-farces. We have already shown the truth about some of them, as would have been found in Florida – in May 2013 – this or another who said they had found in 2006 Both were creations of artist Juan Cabana, an expert in creating dolls in the form of mermaids .

In the case of these photos that circulated in August 2014, it seems that the finding has not recently occurred in Sergipe. At least that is the claim other videos on YouTube that show these same images, only saying that such a mermaid would have been found in Bulgaria:



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