Photographer Captures Amazing Light Pillars In Northern Ontario (20 Pics)

A lot of spectacular things happen at night, and luckily there is someone to capture them while we're sleeping tight in our beds. Photographer Timothy Joseph Elzinga was recently woken up by his 2-year-old boy Gibson at 1:30 a.m. when his son spotted beautiful color lights dancing in the sky. Timothy quickly picked up his camera and shot some amazing photos of what he later realized is a phenomeno

Here’s How To Always Win At Rock, Paper, Scissors

Variations of the game of rock, paper, scissors has been settling arguments for hundreds of years. But like most thing, this game is more than just random chance – it’s a battle of patterns, psychology, and statistics, as Mic have pointed out. So while it might be too late to assert your playground dominance, here’s what the statistics, research, and experts have to say about winning the

Why Do Dogs Keep Jumping Off Scotland’s ‘Dog Suicide Bridge’?

Scottish dog walkers beware: There is a bridge in West Dunbartonshire that is said to have a peculiar and often fatal effect on pet pooches, who have been inexplicably leaping into the gorge below since the 1950s. In that time, around 50 dogs are said to have met their end beneath this creepy crossing, with some reports estimating that a further 600 have miraculously survived after jumping off the

There’s an Unfinished ‘City of The Future’ Tucked Away in The Arizona Desert

There's a giant contradiction in the middle of the Arizona desert: an experimental city designed for thousands that now contains only a few dozen inhabitants. For nearly five decades, a group called the Cosanti Foundation has been working to build a city that would inspire a new future of urban design. Today, the project is only 5 percent complete. Called Arcosanti, the city was envisioned b

A Strange Black Hole Is Shooting Out Wobbly Jets Because It’s Dragging Spacetime

Some 7,800 light-years away, in the constellation of Cygnus, lies a most peculiar black hole. It's called V404 Cygni, and in 2015, telescopes around the world stared in wonder as it woke from dormancy to devour material from a star over the course of a week. That one event provided such a wealth of information that astronomers are still analysing it. And they have just discovered an amazing occ

What’s 5G, And Why Are People So Scared of It? Here’s What You Really Need to Know

Earlier this year the Belgian government halted a 5G test over radiation concerns. Switzerland is monitoring risks posed by the 5G network. A member of the UK House of Commons warned the parliament of the "unintended consequences" of the 5G upgrade. 5G fears have become mainstream. But their point of origin is anything but. If you go digging into the claims behind these fears, you'll discove

Australia’s Deadly Bushfires Are So Big They’ve Started Generating Their Own Weather

The bushfires in Australia are now so big that they are generating their own weather, in the form of giant thunderstorms that start more fires, according to the Bureau of Meteorology in Victoria. "Pyro-cumulonimbus clouds have developed to altitudes over 16km in East #Gippsland this afternoon. These fire-induced storms can spread fires through lightning, lofting of embers and generation of seve

The Northern Lights take on the form of the legendary bird over Iceland

On these astonishing photos of the Northern Lights, we can see the Lights taking the shape of a Phoenix (the majestic bird from Ancient Greek folklore). The photograph was taken by photographer Hallgrimur P. Helgason in Kaldarsel, on which the giant wings and bird-like profile were clearly visible and blew the visitors away. According to Helgason, 64-years-old, he saw the Phoenix shape an hour

Stunning Iridescent Clouds Captured In Rare Sighting on Siberian Peak

If you enjoy seeing Mother Nature’s finest work, then you’re going to love this rare spectacle seen on a mountain in Siberia. Local photographer Svetlana Kazina was the lucky one who caught the rare natural phenomenon on camera. The images show thin clouds resembling soap bubbles in their many vibrant colours. Cloud iridescence or irisation is a colorful optical phenomenon that occu

Math Genius Has Devised a Wildly Simple New Way to Solve Quadratic Equations

If you studied algebra in high school (or you're learning it right now), there's a good chance you're familiar with the quadratic formula. If not, it's possible you repressed it. By this point, billions of us have had to learn, memorise, and implement this unwieldy algorithm in order to solve quadratic equations, but according to mathematician Po-Shen Loh from Carnegie Mellon University, there'

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